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1803 Soy Melters

1803 Almond Vanilla Melters

The simple Almond Vanilla scent is just like your modern farmhouse. You'll love the warmth & timelessness of this terrific soy melters.


1803 Lavender Lemongrass Melters

A revitalizing scent, this 1803 soy melter is one of our “Top Ten”! Our Lavender Lemongrass melters are a superb blend of lemongrass and lavender essential oils to bring you a fearless, uplifting aroma that soothes the soul.


1803 Family Everything Melter

1803 Family Everything Melter blend a smooth vanilla and nutty cardamom with a small amount of musk create this Scent Reminscent of Simpler Times®. Family Everything is an aroma that will bring your loved ones together, near or far.


1803 Farmhouse Melter

The 1803 Farmhouse Melter celebrates a time when the door was always open, a pie in the oven, and the coffee was always on. This warm vanilla embraces you as you arrive at the farmhouse. Only the warmest of vanillas are chosen for this fragrance.


1803 Lemon Drop Cookie Melters

The Lemon Drop Cookie melters are just like tangy, vanilla, buttery sugar cookies! Simply lemony deliciousness! Just enough tang, with a fresh, restorative lemon zest scent, Lemon Drop Cookie will be your favorite home-made treat in without a Flame.


1803 Pumpkin Cornbread Melters

1803 Pumpkin Cornbread Melters smell just like delicious homemade cornbread. The scent of fluffy, warm cornbread flavored with cupboard spice and sweet pumpkin, these melters make it easy to choose a "flame-free” fall aroma for your home.