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1803 Jar Candles

1803 Apple Butter House Candle

The 1803 Apple Butter House Candle is our country-inspired rich blend of apples, cloves, and butter that sends us back to simpler times when all we needed was a warm slice of Nanny’s homemade bread topped with a thick spread of her sweet apple butter.


1803 Candy Corn Candle

Candy Corn is a Halloween staple and this childhood favorite has been blended with gooey vanilla cream, marshmallow, and touches of almond to give you a new scent for Fall. The fragrance is unique and reminiscnet of trick or treating.


1803 Living Life Candle

The 1803 Living Life Candle celebrates living your life... taking a drive with the windows down or walking on a beach. The combination of sea salt, fresh breeze scent, sandalwood and natural greens evokes thoughts of life near the water.


1803 Sleighbells & Snowflakes Candle

The 1803 Sleighbells & Snowflakes Candle reminds you of oven baked sugar cookies cooling on a table. A combination of a bracing peppermint & a warm, sweet vanilla bakery dough, this scent is a snow day spent at home all snuggled in out of the wind.


1803 Sunflower Camdle

The Sunflower scent from 1803 celebrates this standout flower. It puts a smile on faces with it's wistful petals and big green leaves. Clean burning, non-carcinogenic, and non-toxic, making it safe to be used in any room throughout your house.