Room Sprays

Country Gathering Potpourri Spray

A blend of creamy lemon, juicy orange, and baked apple with lots of spice create Country Gathering Potpourri Spray scent. Spray it on botanicals like potpourri to refresh it! In-stock and ready to ship. See more details below.


Olde Holiday Glow Potpourri Spray

Refresh your potpourri with the Holiday scent of Olde Holiday Glow! A blend of winter spices so that your home will smell just like Christmas…warm, cozy, sweet and spicy, along with the smell of pine! 2 oz bottle. In-stock and ready to ship!


Pumpkin & Maple Scones Room Spray - 4oz

The Pumpkin and Maple Scones scent is a celebration of Fall! This room spray is as delicious as the name and is sure to refresh your space. Made in the USA!


Barn Star Spice Room Spray

Sure to become one of your favorites the Barn Star Spice fragrance is a spicy apple butter cakel! The name comes from the label with the barn star, wreath, sunflowers and flag. It is skin safe & can be used as a body spray.


Winter Star Dust Room Spray

A new room freshener for your country home, a blend of vanilla & cinnamon, the Winter Star Dust Room Spray. You'll love this it is skin safe & can be used as a body spray too.


Lemon Daisy Room Spray

The Lemon Daisy Room Spray is a scent of freshly baked lemon biscotti. You won't find this to be a pledgy lemon, but baked lemon cookies. Made in USA!


Home Room Spray - 4oz

The Home Room Spray is a blend of spiced vanilla & almond. This 4 oz bottles of Room Spray is a great addition to your home, use whenever you need an instant dose of scent. It is skin safe, as well, and can be used as a body spray.