Braided Rug Advantages

Braided Rug Advantages

Advantages of buying Braided Rugs for your home.

A customer recently shared that she loved a braided rug that we carry because it was several years old and it still looked great! She and her husband were looking for the same pattern so that they could match it.  

Quality braided rugs are not mass produced or sold at any big box store.  Most of our rugs can be used indoor or outdoor and you’re going to love the durability! 

The perfect braided rug can anchor a room and be that finishing touch that you’ve been looking for.  Braided rugs bring a texture that compliments your other fabrics and brings out just the right colors.



  • A good braided rug can last for generations.When cared for correctly, a braided rug from our Ultra Durable line could conceivably see the next century; even if its not well cared for (not that we would recommend that), these rugs are made to last.


  • A good braid means your rug won't bunch, curl or develop bumps.Our braids were developed with the help of a NASA scientist to be the very best, and we stand by that.


  • A good braided rug is easier to clean.Would you take a hose to a cheap mass market braided rug? If you ever have, you've probably wound up with a rug that looks deformed, with threads that have pulled apart. Our Ultra Durable rugs hold up to liquid beautifully -- in fact, their amazing absorbency and anti-stain properties are one of its biggest selling points! Don't try pouring red wine or soy sauce on a cheap rug!


  • A good braided rug looks beautiful.We have a braided rug for any style or color palette, from simple to bold, and the high-quality braid work give them a stunning look you just can't find with lower quality rugs.


  • A good braided rug is a bargain!You get top-notch beauty, ease of care, and a durability that lasts, in a rug you may never have to replace. You won't find a better deal than that!


Be sure to find the quality you want.  In the beginning it may cost a little more but in the end you will save by enjoying it for years!



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