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Why Flameless Candles make so much $en$e!

Welcome to our first ever blog!

We get questions from time to time from customers about why they should consider purchasing flameless candles. Usually the question is centered around why flameless candles cost so much. The question about price is really more about two things:  the cost of buying multiple traditional candles vs. a single flameless candle and secondly, what kind of quality you’re expecting when you do purchase a flameless candle.  At boutique shops you’ll find not only better quality but more choices in colors and textures than in the big box stores. If you’re buying one with a timer and remote… you’ll be glad you chose quality because the candle you love will last much longer.

The thing that should also mean a lot in choosing flameless candles is safety!

Did you know that 23,000 home fires are caused by traditional wick candles each year (Source: U.S. Fire Administration)? Think about it… that’s 64 home fires every day of every year.

We know that you may love traditional candles… we do too… but when you’re purchasing a candle for yourself or as a gift consider the situation and the location of where the candle may go.

Here’s just a few reasons:

1. Safety! This one won’t get knocked over starting a fire, be left burning all night when you go to bed or leave you “wondering” when you leave your home. Another great benefit is you won’t find wax melted on to top of your treasured furniture or antique.

2. Beautiful! You can find a Flameless Candle in almost any color… any texture and for any style of home decor. Many of the candles now come with added lace or ribbons for a unique accent in your home.

3. Location! You can place a Flameless Candle almost anywhere! Flameless candles look great on a bookcase where you could never put a traditional candle.

3. Savings! Think about how many traditional candles you’ll burn thru and the money you’ll spend. Depending on the quality of the Flameless Candle you purchase it will last much longer than several of the traditional types and over that time be a wise investment!

4. Timers & Remotes! Consider a Flameless Candle with a timer and/or remote… you can enjoy your candle when you want to… on time… every time!

5. Backup Lighting! When the power goes out having Flameless Candles in your home can give you another source for lighting for a temporary time.

So the next time you’re in your favorite shop consider a Flameless Candle and the peace of mind that goes with it!

We hope you find this information helpful.  We love traditional candles & flameless candles and both have their place in our homes.  It’s really up to what’s important to you.

Check back with us for more info coming very soon!