Pillows & Shams

Tea Cabin Quilted Sham

Finish your rustic look with the Tea Cabin Quilted Sham. This sham has centered 8 point stars in solid tea stain surround the log cabin blocks in earthy greens, deep red and warm navy accents for the perfect complement to your bed.


Tea Cabin Quilted Pillow

This memorable Tea Cabin Quilted Pillow features stitch in the ditch hand quilting & log cabin blocks in earthy greens, deep red & warm navy with accent 8 point stars in solid tea stain. Offers reversible double ruffle trim in light & dark green plaids.


Tea Cabin Green Plaid Standard Pillow Case Set

Finish your rustic bed with the Tea Cabin Green Plaid Pillow Case Set. You'll love the rich moss green, muted chartreuse, and navy accents that make this pillow case set the perfect complement to the Tea Cabin Bedding Collection.


Tea Cabin Fabric Ruffled Pillow

Finish your layered look with the Tea Cabin Fabric Ruffled Pillow. This earthy accent pillow creates warmth when added to your couch, chair or the Tea Cabin Quilt and Bedding Collection.


Tea Cabin Euro Sham Fabric Ruffled

Finish the rustic look of this collection with the Tea Cabin Euro Sham with Ruffles. This extra large sham will easily transition to any room and add color to your couch or chair. It's a beautiful addition to your cozy home.