Arnett's JC31 Arnett's Santa in Overalls Arnett's JC31 Arnett's Santa in Overalls
Arnett's JC31 Arnett's Santa in Overalls Arnett's JC31 Arnett's Santa in Overalls

JC31 Arnett's Santa in Overalls


2018 Arnett's NOW in-stock for a LIMITED TIME! The Arnett's Santa in Overalls JC31 brings a timeless touch for 2018! This American Collectible is from folk artist, Stacee Droit! Handmade with Primitive details & hand stitching.

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Article number: JC31-18
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Features of the Arnett's Santa in Blue Overalls Holding Snowman Sitting JC31:

  • Size:  26" T x 9" W x 7" D
  • Handcrafted in the USA 
  • An American Christmas Collectible

All our Arnett's 2018 Santa's are in-stock now! We will sell out again this year so don't wait! 

Did you know?   Celebrities Barbara Streisand, Sidney Poitier and Timothy Hutton all own pieces made by Arnett's?

Streisand is the proud owner of an angel bear manufactured by Arnett’s, while Hutton owns an Arnett’s wood resin rabbit. Sidney Poitier’s wife purchased a doll manufactured by Arnett’s for both of the couple’s daughters.

Another of Arnett's dolls made a cameo appearance in the Oprah Winfrey film ‘Beloved’, hanging on the wall during an important scene in the film.

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